Innovative Research & Engineering

We understand that it is challenging to keep up with the latest innovations and specification for all components of your system. At PolyMod Technologies, we are keenly aware of current industry needs and future developments. Our goal is to provide the best mix of both materials and designs to solve your sealing problems.

Our Experience

We have over 50 years of experience in the seal industry. Our involvement in demanding and critical applications in several different industries adds to our diverse experience benefiting you. We can draw on experience from solving seal problems in a cross section of the industry. Knowledge gained in high pressure off-road hydraulic systems can provide innovative solutions to hydraulic systems in a commercial aircraft.

Material Development

We have a Material Laboratory facility with state-of-the-art equipment used in developed and testing material formulations. Also, we have a large database of material designs which includes compounds with known high performance under demanding operational parameters. In addition to our proprietary materials, we also develop custom compounds for customers’ unique applications.

PolyMod's Manufacturing Capabilities 

We primarily use compression and transfer mold techniques and limit the number of mold cavities to produce high quality precision elastomer parts. By doing this, we maintain tight tolerances and optimize the seal properties.

Quality Management and Assurance

At PolyMod® Technologies, quality control does not begin at final inspection of the finished part. On the contrary, quality assurance is a continuous process that begins with the incoming raw materials that go into our products. It continues through the fabrication process, product testing, final inspection, packaging, and into shipping.

When the product leaves our facility, you can be confident that products meet all applicable specifications and requirements. Continuous improvement assures customers that we are cognizant of providing them with the best product in a cost-effective manner.

Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy is not only our mission, but our promise to our customers: 

"PolyMod is committed to meeting or exceeding customer expectations through continual improvement of our processes and quality system by utilizing our high quality, statutory, regulatory and customer standards & requirements."