Pneumatic AP™ Seal

Double acting seal consisting of a uniquely configured plastic body, a Square Ring energizer, and a positive contact PolyMod® or UltraMod™ Q-Ring. The plastic seal element is uniformly energized by the Square Ring to maintain proper sealing force even at low system pressure. The uniform and consistent sealing force applied by the low friction Q-Ring provides for zero leak and zero drift. The AP Seal is designed for use in gas over oil piston accumulators.

The plastic body can be supplied in most PolyFluor™ and PolyTel™ materials. UltraMod™ low friction Q-Rings are available in fluoroelastomer compounds only.

Operating Ranges:

  • Speed: Up to approximately 10 ft/s (3 m/s)
  • Temperature: approximately -65°F to +392°F (-54°C to +200°C), depending on the elastomer compound
  • Pressure: Up to approximately 5,800 PSI (40 MPa) dynamically; higher static pressure is possible