Hydraulic Rod Buffer Ring

Single acting sealing element for sealing dynamically stressed rods. The Buffer Ring is used together with an O-Ring as an assembly. It is easy-moving, has no stick-slip effect, and is wear-resistant. In higher pressure systems it buffers the pressure to prevent seal damage and minimize leakage. Optimum sealing properties are achieved with a tandem arrangement with a PolyEx™ exclusion device. 

Rod Buffer Rings are available in most PolyFluor™ and PolyTel™ materials.

Operating Ranges:

  • Speed: Reciprocating motion up to approximately 49 ft/s (15 m/s)
  • Temperature: Approximately -65°F to +392°F (-54°C to +200°C), depending on the elastomer energizer compound
  • Dynamic Pressure: Up to 11,500 PSI (80 MPa)