Hydraulic DeltaMod™ Rod Seal Assembly

Has a unique geometry to prevent rolling, spiraling, and extrusion of the elastomer seal element. The reduced footprint and the PolyMod® or UltraMod™ elastomer provide for both low friction and long wear life while maintaining excellent leakage control. These seals have also been used in some rotary applications. These assemblies can be used in standard O-Ring glands.

PolyMod® low friction DeltaMod™ Rod Seals are available in most materials- exceptions are silicone and fluorosilicone. UltraMod™ low friction DeltaMod™ Rod Seals are available in fluoroelastomer compounds only. The back-up ring elements are available in most PolyFluor™ and some PolyTel™ materials.

Operating Ranges:

  • Speed: Reciprocating motion up to approximately 10 ft/s (3.1 m/s)
  • Temperature: Approximately -65°F to +392°F (-54°C to +200°C), depending on the elastomer compound
  • Pressure: Can seal pressures up to 6,500 PSI (45 MPa)