Hydraulic DeltaMod™ Piston Seal Assembly

Has a unique geometry to prevent rolling, spiraling, and extrusion of the elastomer seal element. The reduced footprint and the PolyMod® or UltraMod™ elastomer provide for both low friction and long wear life while maintaining excellent leakage control. These assemblies can be used in standard O-Ring glands.

PolyMod® low friction DeltaMod™ Piston Seals are available in most materials- exceptions are silicone and fluorosilicone. UltraMod™ low friction DeltaMod™ Piston Seals are available in fluoroelastomer compounds only. The back-up ring elements are available in most PolyFluor™ and some PolyTel™ materials.

Operating Ranges:

  • Speed: Reciprocating motion up to approximately 10 ft/s (3.1 m/s)
  • Temperature: Approximately -65°F to +392°F (-54°C to +200°C), depending on the elastomer compound
  • Pressure: Can seal pressures up to 6,500 PSI (45 MPa)